Jack Dalleska starts Colors For Plastics in a 1,500 sq. ft. building in Niles, IL, producing dry color for a handful of plastics manufacturers. Jack’s focus on quality product and personalized customer service translates into a rapidly expanding customer base. Within a few years, he adds an extruder and begins supplying color concentrate.


In just three years, the young company outgrows its original home and moves to a 5,000 sq. ft. building on Kelly St. in Elk Grove Village, IL.


Continuing to grow, the company again moves into bigger facilities – this time a 15,000 sq. ft. building in Bensenville, IL. Over the next decade, 6 extruders are added, 4 molding machines, and a 5,000 sq. ft. addition. There are now 25 employees. With Jack’s commitment to take care of his team, many of these team members are still with the company today.


Growth forces yet a third move, this time to the company’s current headquarters and plant – a 45,000 sq. ft. facility on Pratt Blvd. back in Elk Grove Village. Liquid color capabilities are added, becoming one of Color’s core product offerings.


Colors For Plastics sees the need for local precolor capability. The plant at 2239 Pratt is opened solely for the purpose of producing its precolor production lines. Robert Dalleska joins his father in the company business in the Elk Grove locations.


Action Compounding realizes the continuing and mounting difficulties of maintaining a successful business and is purchased by Colors. Colors becomes ISO 9000 Registered.


The company opens its first plant in South Carolina in a 10,000 sq. ft. building, former home to a resin compounding company. Much of the machinery is sold to Colors For Plastics, enabling it to serve the Southeast region with a full line of thermoplastic colorants.


Jacqueline Dalleska joins her father and brother in the family business. She becomes a pillar of the family tradition of focusing on quality product and personalized customer service for the South Carolina facility.


Growth in the Southeast region requires a new 40,000 sq/ft facility and added lines. The plant in Spartanburg, SC now has 4 production extruders, 3 lab lines, and 3 molding machines, and business continues to grow.


Colors For Plastics celebrates 40 years in business, compiling a proud track record of service and excellence, helping to see its customers through economic boons as well as downturns. Colors consistently provides service to over 500 active customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


South Carolina facility doubles in size, finds a permanent 80,000 sq/ft home.


With over 140,000 sq feet of manufacturing, research, laboratory and office space in three locations , Colors For Plastics is poised to tackle the newest opportunities and challenges, partnering with its customers to help them reach their goals and better serve their own customers far into the future.


Plastic News, one of the industry's most respected trade publications, awards Colors For Plastics a Top 10 honor for the "Best Places to Work in 2015." The nationwide contest compares company benefits and activities as well as detailed employee and management surveys. The award recognized such things as the positive, family-like culture at Colors and its signature employee incentives like the "compliments" program. The award confirms what leadership has always believed: our employees are a top priority!


Colors For Plastics introduces a new Entek twin screw extruder to its South Carolina facility. The addition increases total capacity by over 2 million pounds of concentrate production. This brings the company's extruder count to a total of 23.